Trading characteristics

Most traded currencies
Currency distribution of reported FX market turnover Rank     Currency     ISO 4217 code
(Symbol)      % daily share
(April 2007)
1     Flag of the United States United States dollar     USD ($)     86.3%
2     Flag of Europe Euro     EUR (€)     37.0%
3     Flag of Japan Japanese yen     JPY (¥)     17.0%
4     Flag of the United Kingdom Pound sterling     GBP (£)     15.0%
5     Flag of Switzerland Swiss franc     CHF (Fr)     6.8%
6     Flag of Australia Australian dollar     AUD ($)     6.7%
7     Flag of Canada Canadian dollar     CAD ($)     4.2%
8-9     Flag of Sweden Swedish krona     SEK (kr)     2.8%
8-9     Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar     HKD ($)     2.8%
10     Flag of Norway Norwegian krone     NOK (kr)     2.2%
11     Flag of New Zealand New Zealand dollar     NZD ($)     1.9%
12     Flag of Mexico Mexican peso     MXN ($)     1.3%
13     Flag of Singapore Singapore dollar     SGD ($)     1.2%
14     Flag of South Korea South Korean won     KRW (₩)     1.1%
Other     14.5%
Total     200%


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